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Anne Galisky | Director
Anne Galisky is a co-founder of Graham Street Productions, which produces short documentaries including: D.J.L., Conversation Is Interruption, and Cox & Cox Funeral Chapel. Anne founded and has operated Small World Builders, a building construction company, for the past fifteen years. She earned a Masters in History, with her research on the Japanese Internment included in the Internment Memorial at the Expo Center in Portland, Oregon.
Rebecca Shine | Producer
Rebecca Shine, Producer, is a co-founder of Graham Street Productions. Her passion for literature and the art of story-telling drew her to documentary film production. Some of her writing includes the essay, "When You Were 15," and the short story, "Shells." Before producing "Papers," Rebecca served as the President of R. Shine Inc., providing consulting services to non-profits, schools and public agencies. Her work focused on the areas of economic development, social services and youth leadership. She has mentored many young people, including a number of undocumented youth. Her passion for social and economic justice, matched by her love of story-telling inspired her to bring the stories of immigrant youth to light.
Dunetchka Otero-Serrano | Associate Producer
Dunetchka hails from Puerto Rico and has been working with the Latino community for ten years. A commitment and passion to serve vulnerable populations has guided every step of her career. Even before coming onto the "Papers" crew, Dunetchka loved the "Papers" project. As a mentor for many youth, Dunetchka sees first-hand the incredible challenges undocumented youth face as well as their remarkable talents and abilities."Papers" allows her to work with a passionate, dedicated crew of adults and youth, inspiring others around the country to join in the effort.
Andre Nakazawa | Associate Producer
Andre graduated from the University of Oregon with a Bachelors of Arts in Economics and Political Science. As the son of a Japanese immigrant, Andre got involved with Papers hoping the film will help all undocumented youth attain the same rights and opportunities that his father had in the United States. His passion is international development, specifically development through remittances and international trade. He will be the "Papers" Washington D.C. correspondent during his internship this summer with the Washington International Trade Association. In his free time, Andre loves the Blazers, traveling, and reading.
El Grupo Juvenil | (The "Papers" Youth Crew)
El Grupo Juvenil started by four young people who wanted to represent for the 2 million undocumented youth in the country. They have grown to include dozens of youth from around the country who are participating in this project. They are involved in every aspect of production including filming, transcribing, fundraising, research and publicity. El Grupo Juvenil created a traveling art exhibit and have also designed and facilitated workshops for middle schools and high schools on the issues of immigration, discrimination and story-telling.
Corrinne Theodoru | Film Editor
Corrinne Theodoru is a film editor and a script supervisor. With experience in narrative and documentary features, trailers, short films, and commercials, her editing work has screened in the Los Angeles Film Festival, the Ace Film Festival in New York City and the Cambridge International Film Festival in the U.K. Her work on “Person, Place or Thing,” received multiple awards at film festivals this past year.
Aeryca Steinbauer | Assistant Producer
Prior to her involvement with "Papers," Aeryca worked for six years in the immigrant community in Oregon: as director of CAUSA, Oregon's statewide immigrant rights coalition and with PCUN, Oregon's farmworker union. During that time she was privileged to advocate, organize and mobilize in support of immigrants' rights through marches, rallies, hearings, press conferences, lobby days, leadership trainings, and participation in national tables for just immigration reform. She has especially enjoyed working on the "Papers" project because it combines her hunger for justice with her love for art and young people.
Molina Soleil | Music Supervisor
is a nationally acclaimed poet, Hip-Hop and performance artist from a blue-collar Mexicano/Chicano background. Molina’s savvy, streetwise lyrics reflect his sense of social responsibility. Molina is a first-generation college student who graduated from law school. He chose to forgo a career in law and follow his ambitions as an artist, educator, and activist.
Brooke Wheatley | National Screening Coordinator
A graduate of Warner Pacific College, Brooke Wheatley has worked in a variety of educational settings. As Traveling Exhibit Coordinator with the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI), Ms. Wheatley developed, marketed and coordinated national traveling exhibits. Ms. Wheatley spent the last year teaching English to primary age students in Pamplona, Spain. Having grown up in a migrant community in Eastern Washington state, she is dedicated to seeing that all young people have the greatest number of educational opportunities.
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