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    Looking to Sponsor a Papers Event?

The success of “Papers” is based on wide support from individuals and organizations nationwide!

The purpose of Papers is to provide a tool for individuals and organizations nationwide to raise awareness about the lives of undocumented youth and educate audiences about what they can do to help make change on behalf of these extraordinary young people.

Once the film reaches a screen, we want organizations like yours, who do the daily work of making our communities and country a better place for all, to invite the audience to join your efforts! “Papers” is not an ongoing organization. We want this film to be an inspiration and an encouragement to audiences to get involved with your efforts.

For that reason, we encourage individuals or organizations to co-host their own local events. It’s an opportunity to use the film to bring people together and provide your audience with information after the film about how they can participate in and support your work on these issues. You may also use the screening as an opportunity to raise funds for your organization.

In order to cover the costs of making this film, we are asking co-hosting organizations to donate a set fee to “Papers” for rental of the film for screening. The fees are determined by estimated audience size.

  • $250 audience of 50 or fewer people
  • $500 audience of 50-100 people
  • $1,000 audience of 100-300 people
  • $1,500 audience of 300-500 people
  • $2,000 audience of 500-600 people
  • For audiences over 600 people, please contact for prices.
  • For multiple screenings, please contact for prices.
  • For independent theater screenings, please contact for prices.

If cost is prohibitive, please contact Brooke at or by phone at 503-282-8683.

Public & Private K-12 Schools:

  • $250 flat fee rental per day

We set these prices so that your organization can either:

  • Cover the full cost
  • Raise funds or invite sponsors to cover the full cost
  • Charge $5-$10 at the door to recover the full cost. Organizations may charge more and may keep any additional funds they raise at the door, unless donation is specifically designated for “Papers.”

*Sponsors have included local libraries, colleges (multicultural centers, student groups/clubs, ethnic studies departments, social work departments, law schools, fraternities/sororities, etc), immigration law firms, LGBT organizations, congregations, immigrant, human and civil rights advocacy groups, high schools, radio stations or a member of the community.

Free and Discounted Screening Opportunity for Immigrant Rights and LGBTQ Partnership!
Click for more information.

The fee must be paid in full three weeks prior to the event with signed contract.


  • A copy of the film on DVD one week prior to screening. The film is 88 minutes, in English (we are fundraising to produce a subtitled version), and comes on DVD.
  • Downloadable promotional materials
  • Curriculum (in development…coming soon!)


To schedule a community screening, please:

  • determine your time/date/location and potential sponsors
  • fill out the inquiry form on this page and email or fax back to us
  • from there, you will receive a rental agreement via email and instructions on payment, as well as downloadable promotional materials
  • the DVD will be mailed to you within a week of your screening (in the event of a rush order, we ask that you cover the necessary shipping fees).

For more information, contact Brooke Wheatley at or by phone at 503-282-8683.



Contact us for information and the cost of havng "Papers" crew member(s) present at your screening for a Question & Answer session. For information on performances and Q&A by performers Molina Soleil (Music Supervisor) and Aju, please email them at and check out their music at


Papers Community Screening Inquiry Form  

Please fill out and email back to Brooke Wheatley at or fax to 503-284-0542.